Oboe lessons

I provide private lessons for oboe and English horn, as well as reed making! In my studio, I have taught students of all ages and welcome anyone who has a passion for music making and learning. I am currently accepting new students, so please send me a message on the CONTACT page.


Teaching Philosophy

It has been my great fortune to have studied with incredible performers and pedagogues who have shaped my personal teaching philosophy. I strive to be a model of artistic expression in all realms of playing and teaching. I also aim to be an example of professionalism while imparting motivational critiques. In teaching music, I make an effort to emphasize strong fundamentals, consistency, and freedom of expression. From my experience playing in professional orchestras, I also focus attention on the student’s critical listening and the art of ensemble playing. My goal is to develop each student’s practice efficiency and scheduling that can coincide with their multifaceted school programs. I am passionate about encouraging students to find their individual, creative voices. My enthusiasm for performing and teaching drives me to aid others in their own pursuits.

While I strive to help students find a warm, balanced, and controlled oboe sound, my style of teaching encourages students to take risks with their musicality and aesthetic. During my lessons with Alex Klein at Oberlin Conservatory, I had the opportunity to study his seemingly effortless and brilliant oboe playing. He showed me that music can have more dimensions than simply ‘pretty’ playing. I impart this concept on to my students to take the same risks and push artistic boundaries. After studying in a conservatory setting, my time with Erin Hannigan and other Dallas Symphony members instilled more structure and refinement to my playing and understanding of music. Along with the philosophies from my eloquent doctoral pedagogue, Martin Schuring, I have created my own style of teaching.

I believe there should be more connection between the study of standard etudes and larger solo works. In lessons, I motivate my students to transform their etudes into greater, substantial melodies. Every student should also be able to relate their assigned works to their respective music theory and history components. I have found that by better understanding a piece’s historical and theoretical background, students are more invested in their study of the work. I also find it rewarding as a teacher when my students can then discuss and defend their musical choices. In conjunction with following my syllabus’ repertoire assignments, it is also my objective to find the appropriate exercises to allow for each student’s personal growth. When a student comes across a challenging passage, I demonstrate various methods of practicing to strengthen their technique.

Reed making is another fundamental component to the study of the oboe and a process that I incorporate into lessons. I encourage students to keep reed journals as a way to track their progress and discuss their at-home reed making in their lessons. It is my responsibility to show them how to assess their reeds and give them the tools to improve. I also work with my students to ensure they are proficient in oboe maintenance and repair.

Communication and flexibility are essential in helping students find their musical path. Every student, whether pursuing a performance degree or choosing to enhance their life through the study of music, can expand and develop their musical capabilities. I also strive to foster a welcoming community within my studio for those eager to learn.


Claude is present for lessons and loves listening/sleeping next to all my students